Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's the Message???

I never expected to see a commercial on network television and afterward feel slightly violated.

I don't understand this commercial one bit. I look at Tiger and he looks at me through the TV. He blinks more than I do and he isn't that fun to look at.

Wait, to clarify there is one part I do understand.

The part where Tiger and his handlers use family members to help him make money. (i.e. His marriage to look more trustworthy and salable. Or the picture with him, Elin, and the kids... and the dog licking him. Awww how cute. Now that I think about it... I am running low on some of my Nike shit. I'll go get some more. Thanks Tiger.)

What are they selling? What's the message?

Earl asks Tiger... "did you learn anything?"  (Yeah don't piss off Radaronline.)  His father had his own transgressions. The answer is no.

The only thing Tiger learned from all of this is just don't get caught the next time.

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